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21:18 < cite> It's really amazing how fast a smartphone can send mails.
21:18 < cite> You see, I have this IMAP folder, called "Sent", which holds mails from the last four years.
21:18 < standon> cite: hm?
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21:19 < Aprogas> Just wait until your phone-provider starts blocking email in favour of their own overpriced equivalent service.
21:19 < cite> Now, just a few minutes ago, I changed a setting in "K9 Mail", basically designating the "Sent" folder as the one that contains messages which couldn't be transmitted.
21:19 < cite> Coming back like five minutes later, it turns out the smartphone had already sent about 4k mails.
21:19 < cite> That's amazing, for an embedded device running on battery, isn't it?